I’ve got this machine pushed into the corner of my shop, it never really worked right, it’s broken, it’s old, and I want to sell it to get it out of here… can you help me?

Short answer… NO!!! 
To elaborate… If you are trying to sell a piece of equipment that you know is not worth the time or money to put back into production, we cannot help you. We do not buy junk and we will not sell junk to our customers. We take our business seriously, and we only work with equipment that will boost production and efficiency for our clients.

I’ve got an automatic spider machine (Progressive Falcon, an M&R Gaunlet II, Challenger II, Sportsman, TAS, etc.), and I want to sell it and upgrade to a larger machine (or downsize my shop). However, there may be a mechanical problem with it. Can you help me figure out what to do?

We certainly can help you assess any issues your machine may have. As with any piece of equipment, proper maintenance is essential. We can advice you on the most logical course of action with the repair, maintenance and sale of your automatic screen printing machine.

The registration on my machine just isn’t lining up. I checked all the arms and pallets with a level, but it’s just not printing correctly. What should I do?

Well, it is great that you have made the effort to learn and understand the process of leveling your machine, but proper registration is much more than just level pallets. In our industry so many machines desperately need their print heads calibrated. We can align the print heads for you and we can train you on how to properly align the pallets to achieve perfect registration.