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Spider Machines can educate you on how to negotiate a “Better Deal”

Whether you are buying NEW -or- USED machinery … having Experience on your team matters … before making a final purchase decision you owe it to yourself to consult with one of the most knowledgeable industry veterans … Robert Barnes is known in the Industry as the Technician’s Technician. Expert diagnostic skills with PLC & Servo integration and over a decade of on-site Repair of M&R TM Formula TM, Challenger II TM, Gauntlet II TM, etc.

Consulting Services can put MONEY in your Pocket … M&R TM and its CEO/Rich Hoffman are known throughout the world to their competitors as being extremely aggressive when it comes to not losing “The Deal” … let’s face it … since “M&R is the world’s foremost manufacturer of screenprinting equipment” with that comes a certain arrogance in the marketplace … many clients feel as if they have zero bargaining power … Robert Barnes has consistently helped clients negotiate a “Better Deal”

The trick to getting M&R TM to give you the price you need is to shop around … Spider Machines can quickly educate you on what other companies offer … once you are more knowledgeable about your options you certainly are in a better position to get what you want … results may vary with any negotiation technique … but … if you know the price of a comparable machine within today’s marketplace … you have won half the “Negotiation Battle” … most clients are amazed by the amount of money that can be saved … give Robert Barnes a chance to save you Tens-of-Thousands … call now 864-770-3666 mobile

NOTE: In this economy ALL equipment manufacturers are trying to generate orders of capital equipment to maintain some level of production flow … there is a proven track record of price matching -or- price beating if the customer has a viable option

The Following is a list of M&R TM Presses that Spider Machines can assist you with :

Alpha 8 TM

Formula TM

Challenger Z TM

Challenger II OS TM

Challenger II TM

Gauntlet Z TM

Gauntlet II TM

Sportsman E TM

Sportsman TM

Diamondback TM