Screen Printing Equipment Rebuilders


Rebuilders play a vital role in updating the fleet of Automatic Textile Screen Printing Equipment in the Marketplace. Unlike Brokers, Rebuilders have the financial wherewithal to actually purchase the Machinery, pull it out of the field, and Rebuild/Recondition most of the major components.  Robert Barnes enjoys working with Rebuilders for they generally specialize in a particular brand of machinery hence knowing of the intricacies of their design and common wear items. Also you will get a far better warranty for a Machine that has truly been reconditioned.

Although some Rebuilders lack the financial resources to purchase entire facilities Robert Barnes works extensively with Rebuilders worldwide to assist them. Whether you are looking for several used gas conveyor dryers or multiple automatic screen printing machines, Machine Rebuilders are an excellent resource in acquiring quality reconditioned screen printing equipment at a fraction of the cost of NEW.

Since most Rebuilders completely assemble the equipment during the reconditioning process you should receive excellent pictures and video of all the major mechanisms of the fully functional machinery. We at Spider Machines will gladly review each of your options and assist you in making the best decision for your situation.

NOTE: Most Screen Printing Equipment Manufacturers want to sell you a NEW piece of equipment, too often they exaggerate the service history of a particular serial number on a used machine in an effort to push you towards NEW



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