From production printing to industrial design, Robert Barnes has over 20 years experience in the screen printing industry.

Always driven to provide high quality service and sales, Robert established a successful screen printing business while he played Division I Football at Kent State University in Ohio where he earned his Bachelors Degree. From 1989 to 1994 his business flourished. Robert began cultivating a passion for the textile machinery he worked with every day. After his screen printing business was claimed by fire, Robert became highly involved in new equipment sales and service. His growing interest in the overall mechanical, pneumatic, and electrical systems of the machinery gradually pulled Robert away from the sales aspect of Automatic Screen Printing Machines and into design.

There has always been a natural gravity that exists between Robert Barnes and textile machinery. This undeniable force opened up a whole new world for Robert as he stepped into a position at Bahan, a textile machinery manufacturing plant then located in Greenville, South Carolina.

After the plant closed its doors in 1998, Robert decided to manufacture his own line of spider machines. Robert and several key members from Bahan, turned the industry upside down with a brand new, innovative, yet affordable spider machine. They called it the “Progressive Falcon.”

In 2005 Progressive was sold to The Bergmann Group, owners of Workhorse and Tuf. Since that time Robert has dabbled in a few machinery projects. Now with the current state of our economy, many screen printers have voiced their fear of purchasing new and are focusing their efforts on finding a reliable source for used equipment. We provide them that very solution with

Whether you are looking to buy or looking to sell… EXPERIENCE MATTERS!

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