“Thought I’d take a sec on my TGIF to post my good experience with purchasing a press from Robert Barnes of the famous Spider Machines. A little proof that not everyone in this world is out to grab your money and run. I’ve been a long-time Digitsmither and I frequent this site multiple times daily and have been for years. I was in the market for a newer automatic. The Precision Oval 4 color was a tank but it wasn’t a good fit for expansion or water-based printing. I initially got pricing on new equipment over the past year and several updated quotes from each manufacturer I figured I could afford! Anatol and M&R were the two I could swing, but given the amount I’d have to pay new for a 6 color 8 station press, it only made sense to check out the used market as well and hope. Along comes Printex, still out of my price range new, but Big John at Sundial in TN was drooling for a new one pretty bad! Big John buying his Printex created the opportunity that I ended up acting on, which was a used Anatol Trident 10 color 12 station AC Servo machine. Robert of Spider Machines posted the used Anatol Trident for sale here on Digitsmith in a way that showed the true condition of the machine. It needed some work! In order to sell the machine at a fair market value it was going to need some parts put into it. Being that Robert represents Printex, which has some owners with old ties to Anatol, he had them help with new parts from their presses that could be adapted to the Anatol with a little elbow grease. So Spider Machines offers up the ad as a Pimp My Anatol deal where the lucky buyer will get all new Printex chopper cylinders to replace the old worn out Anatol cylinders, as well as throwing in two sets of pallets, squeegees and floodbars, and installation into one lump price, $30k. So the press comes and is installed by Mark Durham, who was very meticulous and did a great job. The pimp kit was a month or so out and when it came in Mark made another trip up from SC to start the mock up process on one head. Since I was upgrading at the same time to squeegee and flood air locks, there was a lot of little bits and pieces that we didn’t foresee needing until Mark was in the middle of it. So parts were ordered and he returned when they came in and did the full on pimp. During this process I was still printing on the press with the leaky cylinders which were okay for most jobs. Overall, the experience was pleasant and exactly as was laid out in our contract. Robert and Sara share my love of Mexican food and treated me each time they were in town haha! Robert answers his phone whenever I call and has always been happy to do it. Yes even after the sale. He helped me over the phone with figuring out if the servo amp could run on single phase power. He helped me completely rebuild the quartz flash unit with modern solid state relays while also switching it over to single phase power at the same time. Digitsmith was instrumental in the advertising and purchase of my press and I only saw it fair to post an update here. The purchase was very public and during a time of high traffic here, so anyone who saw it at the same and who may be wondering what happened, well, that’s the story above! Now, a few pics of my purple, yellow, and blue machine lol! __________________ www.screenprintpress.com – Used Screen Printing Equipment Classifieds”
“I can’t remember exactly how I heard about Robert Barnes or Spider Machines. Maybe I got his mobile number from a digitsmith post. But I was in the market for another machine last year and I called him. He seemed to know a lot about the equipment. In fact by some strange coincidence he happened to be in Miami the same day I called him. I already have ten M&R machines so I was hoping to find another late model used M&R. He told me about Printex, the price was right, so I took the chance. We’ve had the machine over a year and I don’t think the it has been down for even a day. We had a problem with some bulbs for the flashes and any time I emailed him he sent me what I needed immediately. A few months ago he called me to tell me about these sporty China blue dragon machines. We’re doing well with the Prism and it won’t be long before we hit a million prints so we are going to take the chance with the sporty machines too.”
Michael Chavez, Tees to Plees